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Why doesn’t the Coase Theorem work in Gaza?

The “Coase Theorem” is a beautiful prediction or simple model from the world of academic economics that does not always hold up in the real world. (Look it up.) (Bonus link: check out our related research on this topic “Does the Prisoner’s … Continue reading

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Our peace plan for Palestine

How about a “one-state” solution? That is, what if the Government of Israel were to annex the Gaza Strip outright; (ii) extend full Israeli citizenship as well as voting rights to every person living in Gaza, (iii) allow all political parties incorporated in Gaza (including Hamas) … Continue reading

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Which side is winning the propaganda war?

Does the ceasefire also apply to the propaganda war?

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Why Mayor Bloomberg flew to Israel

Former New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg explains in this essay press release why he flew to Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Here is the gist of his argument: Just hours after the U.S. Federal Aviation … Continue reading

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How fragile is the “rule of law”?

This is not a mere academic or philosophical quibble. Here, for example, are various reports describing recent developments affecting the “rule of law” in Egypt, Israel, Italy, USA, and Zimbabwe. This parade of horribles is not meant to be a representative sample, but it does … Continue reading

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