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Convergence hypothesis (social media edition)

Is this the same reason why so many college textbooks in a given field are so similar? On balance, is this convergence trend a good thing or a bad thing?

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Strategic dating

Roy Lugasi and Hod Gerlitz co-founded a new dating app called Weepo that allows users to monitor the male-to-female ratio at a bar or nightclub. According to this fascinating report by James Covert, writing for the New York Post, “The … Continue reading

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Markets, the regulation of data, and the future of low-wage work

Companies like Google, Facebook, and Uber have created new markets and improved our lives by reducing search costs, but at the same time, these firms collect massive amounts of data from their users. Who owns this data, and what legal … Continue reading

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City scammers (red light cameras edition)

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“Abuse Standards Violation”

That is the title of an art exhibit in London created by the husband-and-wife artistic team of Franco and Eva Mattes. (Check out this review by Ted Loos (NY Times) for more details.) In summary, the focus of this exhibit … Continue reading

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What computer language do you speak?

Via the excellent Cliff Pickover, we found this table compiled by Katie Bouwkamp listing “the 9 most in-demand computer programming languages of 2016.” We’re not sure if this table lists the total number of computer programming jobs in the aggregate … Continue reading

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If cars could fly …

Artist Credit: Cy Kuckenbaker

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Console Collection

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We want one of these!

Check out this short video featuring an assortment of volocopters or lightweight personal helicopters designed and manufactured by the German firm e-volo. Forget drones; we’d rather have our own personal “VC 200” to travel around our home state (Florida). Wow, … Continue reading

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Apple is 40 yrs. old today

More here, via kottke. Addendum (4/26): Not April Fools: Apple’s revenues decline for the first time in 13 years. Blame Tim Cook and the pointless Apple Watch? Via The Verge, Ben Popper writes: Apple posted a year-over-year decline in revenue … Continue reading

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