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Pop Quiz (game theory edition)

The image above (courtesy of Matt H. Evans) contains four colorful quadrants depicting the basic elements of game theory, a mathematical approach to human behavior. Which one of these quadrants, however, is redundant? 

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Game of Chicken (cult classic edition)

Can we model politics, litigation, and other forms of competition as games of chicken?

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“The coinflipper’s dilemma”

That is the title of this little paper by economist Steve Landsburg. In his blog post with the same title, Professor Landsburg introduces the coin-flipper’s dilemma with this story: When I was in high school, my English teacher must have had … Continue reading

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Do free agents play game theory?

Who will sign first? Melo, Lebron, or Bosh? In game-theory terms, what type of “game” are these free agents playing: Prisoner’s Dilemma, Chicken, Stag Hunt, or Battle of the Sexes?

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“Beautiful Game Theory”

That is the title of this book which explores the relation between economics and football (or soccer, for sportifs in the US) and which we will be reading in the coming days … between first-stage matches, that is. “Beautiful Game Theory” was written by Ignacio … Continue reading

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Information asymmetry (Kremlin edition)

The West has no idea what Russia is willing to do, but Russia knows exactly what the West will – and, more important, will not – do. This has created a dangerous asymmetry, which could spell disaster for the international … Continue reading

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The Washington Monument strategy

Teagan Goddard‘s Political Dictionary (a kind of “urban dictionary” for wonks) defines the Washington Monument strategy as follows: Named after a tactic used by the National Park Service to threaten closure of the popular Washington Monument when lawmakers proposed serious cuts in … Continue reading

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