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“The market as a creative process”

That is the title of this excellent essay by Viktor Vanberg and the late James Buchanan, which was recently reprinted in Daniel Hausman, editor, The Philosophy of Economics, Cambridge U Press (2008), pp. 378-398. Here is a picture of the book in … Continue reading

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Costume contest

With pandemics on the mind, is the zombie costume too close for comfort? Nifty #Halloween #costume chart from @NPR pic.twitter.com/Xphlr15wOV — FATHOM+HATCH (@ppl_are_amazing) October 29, 2014 You can check out this interactive costume popularity chart here.

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Vampiric Medical Technology

Originally posted on Economics of the Undead:
Guest Post by Enrique Guerra-Pujol In Chapter 12 (“Buy or Bite?”) of The Economics of the Undead, I observed how most members of the vampire race resort to coercion, compulsion, and confiscation to…

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The Ethics and Economics of Vampire Re-ensoulment

Originally posted on Economics of the Undead:
(cross-posted at the Volokh Conspiracy) io9 contributor Greta Christina, after re-watching the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, raises serious questions about the ethics of vampire-slaying.  SPOILER:  At the end of Season…

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The fate of Flight 370? An urgent call for single-event prediction markets …

A single-event prediction market might make it easier to determine more rigorously the probabilities of what really happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Presently, a wide variety of conjectures and conspiracy theories are swirling around (especially on CNN) about what might … Continue reading

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This is what hypocrisy looks like

The NY Times recently interviewed legendary college football coach and ESPN analyst Lou Holtz on a wide range of topics relating to college football.  Check out this particular exchange from the interview: NY Times Question: Are there too many [college football] … Continue reading

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Afghan opium

One oft-forgotten aspect of the war in Afghanistan are the (futile?) efforts of NATO and the US Armed Forces to eradicate the supply of opium. What if, instead of trying to eradicate the supply of Afghan opium through military force or … Continue reading

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Te Koop

“For sale”

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