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Tail wags dog (airport noise edition)

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“Google’s Philosopher”

That is the title of this intriguing essay by Robert Herritt in the Pacific Standard — our favorite e-mag, by the way — summarizing the “philosophy of information” as well as the original work of Luciano Floridi, an Oxford philosopher who is inventing “entirely new ways … Continue reading

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Who pays?

Eve Moneypenny and James Bond appear to commit a number of civil torts in this dramatic opening scene of the 2012 film Skyfall (filmed on location in Istanbul, Turkey). Is their employer, MI6, not liable to the various victims for any of the … Continue reading

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The problem of reclining airplane seats

We forwarded our 3 October blog post “The Right to Recline?” to several scholars, including our gentle friends Terry Anderson, Christopher Buccafusco, and Chris Sprigman. (By the way, Professors Buccafusco and Sprigman, in particular, had previously published this thoughtful essay on airplane seat reclining.) In summary, … Continue reading

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