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Should we pay people to vote?

According to this recent report by David Zahniser of the L.A. Times, only 23% percent of registered voters ended up casting ballots in last year’s mayoral election. To remedy this raging epidemic of voter apathy, the Los Angeles County Ethics Commission (!) … Continue reading

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Mathematics vs. politics (NJ edition)

These maps by the website BDistricting show two ways of dividing the Garden State into Congressional voting districts with roughly equal population. (Under Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution, each State is apportioned a number of federal representatives which approximately corresponds to … Continue reading

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Questions rarely asked about the Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court, like the Congress, operates under the principle of majority rule, but since the Supreme Court consists only of nine judges (or “justices”, as they are presumptuously called), a simple majority of five justices is sufficient … Continue reading

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