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Supreme Court Selection Bias?

Where do Supreme Court justices get their facts from? Oftentimes, they get their “facts” from amicus curiae legal briefs that are filed by “friends of the court,” i.e. private parties with axes to grind. Now, check out this fascinating report by Adam … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby Case, Part 2

Yesterday, Professor Scott Gaylord and I discussed the religious rights of closely-held corporations under the religion clauses of the First Amendment, one of the main legal issues in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., an important constitutional case which will be argued … Continue reading

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Justice Posner?

It’s remarkable that the most prolific and most cited legal scholar of the 20th century–Judge Richard A. Posner–has still not been appointed to be a Justice of the US Supreme Court … and probably never will be given his age and his caustic … Continue reading

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Questions rarely asked about the Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court, like the Congress, operates under the principle of majority rule, but since the Supreme Court consists only of nine judges (or “justices”, as they are presumptuously called), a simple majority of five justices is sufficient … Continue reading

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