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Final results of the 2015 New Zealand flag referendum

The New Zealand flag referendum was decided using an instant run-off voting procedure. Under this system of preference voting, the voters rank the choices in order of preferred alternatives. Notice how voting occurs over several stages or rounds and how the choice … Continue reading

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Tree time …

We converted our traditional Christmas tree into an “NFL playoffs tree” after Three Kings’ Day (we completed this makeover while the family was sleeping). Now that the Super Bowl is done, my wife wants me to take down our tree. … Continue reading

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Range Voting and “Making a Murderer”

Hey, what’s up? For our part, we’ve just finished watching season 1 of the amazing Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer, which shows beyond a reasonable doubt how one criminal suspect, Steven Avery, was framed (not once, but twice) by … Continue reading

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The facemash fiasco (Lessons 1 & 2)

Because our large business law class meets only once per week (on Mondays), we are going to combine Lessons 1 & 2 into a single lecture. In addition, we are going to re-enact Mark Zuckerberg’s fall 2003 “Ad Board” hearing … Continue reading

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Shaming or nudging?

Hat tip to Michelle N. Meyer at The Faculty Lounge. More here.

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“The moral tragedy of Scottish independence”

That is the melodramatic title of this short essay by Emile Simpson, an English scholar and former British infantry officer. (Thanks to Tyler Cowen for the pointer.) Although we are not certain when a tragedy becomes a “moral tragedy,” Simpson’s paper is worth reading because he … Continue reading

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Scottish non-independence prediction markets

Scotland about 50% support for independence, but markets still only about 25% that it actually passes in 2 weeks: — David Rothschild (@DavMicRot) September 7, 2014 The Scottish Independence Referendum is scheduled to take place on 18 September 2014. Some survey … Continue reading

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Should we pay people to vote?

According to this recent report by David Zahniser of the L.A. Times, only 23% percent of registered voters ended up casting ballots in last year’s mayoral election. To remedy this raging epidemic of voter apathy, the Los Angeles County Ethics Commission (!) … Continue reading

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