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“Google’s Philosopher”

That is the title of this intriguing essay by Robert Herritt in the Pacific Standard — our favorite e-mag, by the way — summarizing the “philosophy of information” as well as the original work of Luciano Floridi, an Oxford philosopher who is inventing “entirely new ways … Continue reading

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Research at Facebook

Originally posted on Facebook Newsroom:
By Mike Schroepfer, Chief Technology Officer  I want to update you on some changes we’re making to the way we do research at Facebook. Facebook does research in a variety of fields, from systems infrastructure…

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Fair or foul?

Was the Facebook mood experiment “fair” or “foul” from an ethical perspective? Is it even possible for ethics to produce a determinate or “right” answer to this question? Several armchair philosophers, for example, have concluded that Facebook’s recent study of user behavior is … Continue reading

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A reverse-Facebook experiment

Our friends at Facebook recently received a lot of bad press for conducting a masssive secret psych experiment on 700,000 of its users without their consent. (Update: The journal that published Facebook’s research published a pusillanimous Expression of Concern but did not … Continue reading

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How five students changed the world …

On this day some ten years ago, five undergraduates–Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Mark Zuckerberg–launched “thefacebook” from their Harvard College dorm room. Although Facebook is now becoming the AOL of social media, prior probability salutes the original bold founders of Facebook. They … Continue reading

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“You don’t like the old-time bikes, huh?”

Could this be the reason why Facebook doesn’t have an “Unlike” button?

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Can Twitter be monetized?

Enough people seem to think so, if Twitter’s rising share price is any indication. But is the market “wrong” on this one? After all, if given a choice, who really wants to waste time following “sponsored” (i.e. paid) tweets? The … Continue reading

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Why is there no “Unlike” or “thumbs-down” button on Facebook?

The geeks at Facebook have just introduced new “Like” and “Share” buttons on their popular social media site, but there is still no “Unlike” or “Dislike” buttons on Facebook.  Why not?  Similarly, why is there is no -1 option (as … Continue reading

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How likely is it that your boyfriend/girlfriend and you will break up?

Jon Kleinberg, a researcher at Cornell University, and Lars Backstrom, an engineer at Facebook, recently posted this fascinating paper, “Romantic Partnerships and the Dispersion of Social Ties: A Network Analysis of Relationship Status on Facebook,” on the open-access science website arxiv.org.  The researchers analyzed a large … Continue reading

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Mark Zuckerburg is a douche

Facebook has very Coasian bounty program for security researchers (i.e. hackers) who find bugs and other “vulnerabilities” on Facebook: it pays people a minimum of $500 USD to report such bugs to Facebook instead of using them or selling them on … Continue reading

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