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Broken y-axis controversy

Stunning chart, but… The @BW chart, & my e.g., w/o the broken axis. businessweek.com/articles/2014-… cc @junkcharts #charts http://t.co/Fr51K9Ky8c— Abhinav Agarwal (@AbhinavWork) December 12, 2014 Read more about this little statistical dust-up here (via Justin Fox). Addendum (31 Dec. 2014): Here is another take on … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies, and … statistics

Note: this is the fourth part of our review of the paper “Bayesian reasoning in science” by Colin Howson and Peter Urbach. (The fifth and final installment of our review shall appear on 28 June.) Let us return to Howson and Urbach’s Bayesian … Continue reading

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NBA “pass probabilities” (San Antonio Spurs edition)

Read Kirk Goldsberry’s excellent report on the growing role of mathematics, statistics, and probability theory in the NBA here.

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Shadow prediction markets?

In our previous post (see Fate of Flight 370 … below), we quixotically called for the creation of a single-event prediction market in order to (1) bypass all the rampant speculation regarding the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight, which has been missing since 8 … Continue reading

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