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Adjudication and the Turing Test

Legal trials resemble the Turing Test in many ways. First, let’s restate the original version of the Turing Test and then compare this test to the process of adjudication.

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Turing Trials?

Is the current legal system broken or in need of repair? Instead of an endless number of motions, costly discovery, and randomly-selected jurors, why don’t we try a different method of resolving legal disputes, one based on the Turing Test in computer … Continue reading

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Turing test bet

Alan Turing’s simple machine intelligence test has been in the news lately. It is worth noting that there are many possible versions of Turing’s test. One version of the test, for example, is currently the subject of a $20,000 bet between Ray Kurzweil … Continue reading

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An Academic Turing Test?

Check out the Turingesque website arXiv vs. snarXiv, which presents the titles of two science papers, side by side, but only one of the titles is “real”, i.e. is an actual title selected from a paper posted on a popular electronic … Continue reading

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Could Watson pass the Turing Test?

Watson, a super-computer built by IBM, is capable of answering questions posed in plain English, an in 2011, Watson competed on the quiz show “Jeopardy!” and won. Assuming the Turing Test is a valid test of artificial intelligence, prior probability asks, what is the … Continue reading

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