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Thiel, Truth, and Trump

Revised 11/7: Is Peter Thiel angling for a position in a Trump White House? Whatever his motives, we tend to agree with most of what Mr Thiel is saying, which is why we are voting Libertarian this year.

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Trick or treat? Here is a list of scholars who support Trump for President

Some 150 North American scholars and writers have openly declared their support for Donald J. Trump. (You can access the complete list here.) Below the fold are the five main reasons they give for supporting Trump:

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Why doesn’t Starbucks recycle?

Shout out to Elizabeth Drivas, a student in my undergraduate business law class at the University of Central Florida, who posed this provocative question to me during office hours on 21 October. In other words, when a successful firm like Starbucks touts its commitment to … Continue reading

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We owe Tom Brady an apology …

When news of #DeflateGate broke after the AFC Championship Game in January 2015, we were among the first bloggers to condemn quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for breaking NFL rules. After all, the Patriots have cheated before, … Continue reading

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If elected, Trump could be impeached

Law professor Chistopher Lewis Peterson makes a persuasive case in this paper why Mr Trump could be immediately impeached if he were to win the election. In two words: Trump University. Here is the full abstract of Prof Peterson’s paper … Continue reading

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Cheating pays … Just ask Wells Fargo execs

What’s up with Wells Fargo’s CEO? According to the N.Y. Times, “Wells Fargo was flowing with regrets …, taking out ads in nearly a dozen newspapers saying the bank took ‘full responsibility’ for creating sham bank accounts without its customers’ … Continue reading

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Major League Hypocrisy

Earlier this year, Major League Baseball cancelled a two-game series to be played in San Juan, Puerto Rico between the Marlins of Miami and the Pirates of Pittsburgh because some super-spoiled baseball players from the Miami Marlins were concerned about … Continue reading

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How small are The Donald’s hands? It turns out that Mr Trump’s hands are smaller than average. Now, via the Hollywood Reporter, you can find out how you measure up to Mr Trump. (For your ready reference, here is a … Continue reading

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Convergence hypothesis (social media edition)

Is this the same reason why so many college textbooks in a given field are so similar? On balance, is this convergence trend a good thing or a bad thing?

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Asymmetrical warfare (Baton Rouge, July 2016)

Today's offering from me on #blacklivesmatter in #BatonRouge #LeshiaEvans for @BBCNews — Kerrance Alexandra (@KerryAlexandra) July 11, 2016

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