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Censorship in Florida (FBI/Orlando police edition)

Hey, what are the FBI and the Orlando police trying to hide from the public in connection with the massacre at Pulse nightclub last month? The police’s slow response to the Pulse shootings (it took the police over three hours … Continue reading

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Homicide data by weapon

Let’s ban knives, too?  There’s no need for a complicated regression analysis, via Alex Tabarrok (Marginal Revolution), here are the raw data for 2014:

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Prisoner’s dilemma everywhere: weekend email from your boss edition

As our friends and fellow “forty-something” bloggers at Cheap Talk like to point out, prisoner dilemmas are everywhere. Suppose you are a junior manager at a large Fortune 500 corporation or a junior attorney/accountant at a firm. Your boss sends … Continue reading

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Will this presidential promise be kept?

Earlier this year, we wrote up an in-depth series of blog posts discussing the moral bases of “the presidential pledge,” i.e. the solemn pledge all the Republican presidential candidates made to support the eventual nominee of their party. (Here is … Continue reading

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Visualization of the “lucky fool syndrome”

Read the full essay by Carl Richards describing the “Lucky Fool Syndrome” (or self-attribution bias) here.

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Is Judge Judy a fraud?

She is the highest paid “judge” in the world. In reality, she’s a private arbitrator who pretends to be a real judge on her famous court TV show, but that is not why she might be a fraud, at least … Continue reading

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Why do politicians lie so much?

 Is there an “optimal level” of truth telling in politics?

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Espejitos (little mirrors)

Glasswing Butterfly. — Cliff Pickover (@pickover) December 14, 2015

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Legal liability of Michael J. LaCour and others?

Question 1: When a social science researcher like Michael J. LaCour publishes another bogus or fabricated study in a peer-reviewed journal–or in the case of Alice Goffman, an entire book based on dubious sources–what legal liability (civil or criminal or … Continue reading

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Annals of deception (world wide web edition)

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