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Type I or Type II error?

Was this situation a false positive or a false negative?

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Infinite 3D printer regress

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What was your first computer?

Anil Dash put this nostalgic question up on Twitter, a question that has been posed many times before. (See here and here, by way of example.) Ours was a Macintosh SE, like the one pictured below, which our parents purchased for us as a graduation gift during … Continue reading

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Trump’s toupee

Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg did some digging and was able to trace the origins of Donald’s Trump’s meticulous hairdo. It’s a toupee! According to Ms Feinberg, Trump’s toupee is based on “a little-known, patented hair restoration treatment [pictured below] called a … Continue reading

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Ben Franklin’s daily routine

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Why doesn’t Starbucks recycle?

Shout out to Elizabeth Drivas, a student in my undergraduate business law class at the University of Central Florida, who posed this provocative question to me during office hours on 21 October. In other words, when a successful firm like Starbucks touts its commitment to … Continue reading

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Tail wags dog (airport noise edition)

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